ACCO Brands has adopted the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Notice and Access rule. Notice and Access, as an alternative to the traditional approach of delivering a printed set of proxy materials to each stockholder, enables us to deliver a "Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials" to stockholders, provide Internet access to the proxy materials, and provide a printed set of proxy materials by mail to any stockholder who requests them.

Electronic Proxy Voting

As a stockholder, you can further reduce the costs incurred by ACCO Brands in mailing proxy materials and help the environment by consenting to receive all future proxy statements, proxy cards and annual reports electronically via e-mail or the Internet. To sign up for electronic delivery, you can click on the website below to vote using the Internet and, when prompted, indicate that you agree to receive or access stockholder communications electronically. You will need your 16-digit control number from your Notice to access the site:

You will receive a Notice in your mail beginning in late March or April with your voting instructions. We encourage you to access and review all of the important information contained in the proxy materials before voting.

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