Principles, Documents and Charters

Corporate Responsibility Principles

  • ACCO Brands Corporation observes high ethical standards in the conduct of its business. The company respects internationally accepted legal principles and strives to obey the laws of those countries in which it does business. A detailed compilation of the company's commitment to ethical behavior is published in its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which is available to all stakeholders.
  • ACCO Brands Corporation is committed to responsible corporate governance, and its independent Board of Directors has adopted Corporate Governance Principles that are available to all stakeholders.
  • The company conducts its business in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that our products, packaging and operations are safe for our employees, customers, and the environment. ACCO Brands Corporation strives to meet or exceed all environmental standards in the countries in which it does business. The people of ACCO Brands are encouraged to protect the environment by conserving resources. The company pledges to maintain safe and healthy workplaces for all of its employees.
  • The company employs a diverse workforce; compensates all employees fairly, consistent with local standards and practices; and nurtures an inclusive, collaborative work environment. The company will not knowingly conduct business with third parties which employ children or other workers under conditions that would be abusive or exploitative.
  • ACCO Brands Corporation builds constructive partnerships in communities in which its people live and work through significant, locally guided community giving programs, and by encouraging volunteer service and philanthropic acts by employees. Corporate philanthropy programs recognize that ACCO Brands Corporation is a citizen of the world and has an obligation to share some of its resources for the benefit of all society.